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24/7 Residential Locksmith Services in Seattle!

Capital Locksmith Seattle has been into the business of locksmith since 1818. We are the most trusted locksmiths around Seattle. We offer our services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We are fully mobile and well experienced in locksmith industry. Our skilled professionals are capable of solving even the most complicated locking situations right on the spot.

Residential locks play a very important role in keeping your family and your property safe. They not only keep your family and belongings safe but they also provide you a sense of peace about having your loved ones safe and secure. We provide you the most advanced solutions in residential lock systems. Our team of professionals can help you plan out the security locking system for your residence.

Our Locksmiths Offer Best Solutions!

Being locked out in your own home or being locked out of your own home – both the situations can be nerve wrecking if not solved soon. Being out in the freezing cold unable to unlock the door could get you all jammed in the ice outside. No your door is not that weaker that you can just open it up with your fist! Just dial 206-785-2638 and we will be there to help you out with the locking solutions not to mention without damaging the door. Our toll free number is available all the time, through out the day and night. We know such situations won’t warn you before happening actually. Just keep calm and dial 206-785-2638 and we will make sure to reach your location as soon as possible. Our experts could help you with all the locking solutions.

Home locks can worn out with passing time, after some years its advisable to change the locking system of your home as you do not want just any person to be able to break into your home because the worn out lock is just a hard shook away from being open. We can even help you re-key you home locks with our trained professionals.

Your Security is Our Priority!

Capital Residential Locksmith Seattle stands for safety and security. We can assure you of the best safety locks for your residential premises. Our locks come with a guarantee and we offer you one year free assistance for any lock related situations. With the wide experience in locksmith industry, we know how to tackle the locked out locks without doing any damage to the doors.

Next time when you get locked out, call Capital Residential Seattle to unlock your door. We can unlock your door whenever situation arrives. Our trained team knows how to get the lock unlocked without any damage to you lock or door. We will make sure you are inside your house within a few minutes. We love all the locks and would make sure not to make any damage to any o them even if we are replacing them with the new ones.

Whenever any emergency arrives for re-key or lost keys for home, remember to call capital Locksmith Seattle 206-785-2638 and you will have your locking needs solved within an hour.

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